Anger Control

The Anger Control Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 38 personal skills activities (728 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

We all experience anger. Perhaps you experienced it this morning on the freeway when a driver cut you off. Anger is a serious emotional state. It can vary in intensity from mild irritation to uncontrollable rage. It is accompanied by biological changes such as a red face and an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, hormones and perspiration. Anger is a natural, adaptive response to threats. A certain amount of anger is necessary to your survival, such as defending yourself if you are attacked. However, anger has to be controlled so you do not lash out at everyone that annoys you. Civil laws, social norms, religious laws, common sense, and decency place limits on your behavior when you are angry.

  1. Anger Facts
  2. The Nature of Anger
  3. What’s Another Name for Anger?
  4. Why People Want to Fight
  5. Anger Triggers
  6. Where Angels Fear to Tread
  7. Pet Peeves
  8. Self Image and Anger
  9. Happiest and Angriest Times
  10. Physical Warning Signs
  11. Red Hot Buttons
  12. Anger Messages
  13. Indirect Expressions of Anger
  14. Emotional Storms
  15. Button Down the Hatches!
  16. What If…
  17. Anger Log
  18. Ways to Express Anger
  19. Seeing Red
  20. Acting Out Behavior
  21. Your Heart
  22. What Would You Do If…
  23. In the Heat of the Moment
  24. Too Much Pressure
  25. Working Out Anger
  26. That Doesn’t Bother Me
  27. Tick Me Off
  28. Defusing a Bomb
  29. Defusing with Humor
  30. Ventriloquism
  31. Calming Statements
  32. To Spank or Not to Spank
  33. Appropriate Anger
  34. Venting Your Anger
  35. Frustrating Situations
  36. What Bugs Your Type?
  37. Frustrating Feats
  38. Anger by Gender


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