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The Building Friendships Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 28 social skills activities (580 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Friendships develop between business associates, school chums, neighbors, shipmates, soldiers, club members, church members, criminals, politicians, explorers and others. Even special bonds form between people and animals. A dog is often characterized as “man’s best friend.” Friendship should not be confused with friendliness, intimacy, sociability and support. Friendship is much more.

  1. Who Needs Friends?
  2. Who Am I?
  3. Friendly Conversations
  4. Man’s Best Friend
  5. The Presidents’ Best Friends
  6. What’s A True Friend?
  7. True Friends
  8. Birds of a Feather
  9. A Pretty Package
  10. On Whom Can I Lean?
  11. The Important People in My Life
  12. Show and Tell
  13. Giants
  14. Making New Friends
  15. What Are They Like?
  16. Strengthening Friendships
  17. Compliments and Eulogies
  18. Mending Fences
  19. Comfortable Shoes
  20. Opposing World Leaders
  21. Peer Pressure
  22. Friendship Assessment
  23. The Fox and The Hound
  24. Guess My Secret
  25. 3-D Illusions
  26. Walked On
  27. What Are They Thinking?
  28. Handling Unwanted Advice


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