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The Conflict Resolution Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 31 social skills activities (583 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Conflict is a part of life. It occurs between people and nations and within your own mind over wants, needs, drives, wishes, and the demand of others. Conflict is ever present in nature as when animals prey on each other. There is conflict when opposing sides compete as in sporting events or debates. Conflict can be as mild as disagreeing about music preference or as serious as going to war over land boundaries.

  1. Life’s Conflicts
  2. Constructive Conflict
  3. Conflict Styles
  4. Unresolved Issues
  5. Reacting to Unresolved Issues
  6. Resolve Conflicts
  7. Sources of Conflict
  8. Behaviors That Lead to Conflict
  9. Causes of Conflict
  10. What Causes Conflict?
  11. Concepts of Violence
  12. Settling Conflict with Violence
  13. Consequences of Violence
  14. Results of Violence
  15. Rewards of Nonviolence
  16. Benefits of Peaceful Solutions
  17. Advantages of Nonviolence
  18. Working it Out
  19. Steps in Resolution
  20. One Problem at a Time
  21. Identify the Problem
  22. What is the Problem?
  23. Willing to Change
  24. Accusations
  25. Listening Carefully
  26. Points of View
  27. Futile Attempts to Change
  28. Roadblocks to Resolutions
  29. Stumbling Blocks
  30. Thinking Rationally
  31. Past Resolutions


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