The Conversation Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 31 social skills activities (539 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

The French artist, Van Gogh, painted a portrait of himself. We can look at the picture and see the color of his eyes, the shape of his nose, and the color of his skin. What we can't see is his character, his education, his interests, and his values. If we were able to have a conversation with him he would paint a different kind of portrait of himself. His speech and thought patterns would reveal much about him, and he would paint a portrait of himself with every word he spoke. You also paint a portrait of yourself with every word you speak. What kind of portrait do you paint? When we meet people for the first time we want to make good impressions. The manner with which we speak influences our listeners. Sentence structure, grammar, adjectives, adverbs, and tone all have a bearing on the way we speak. Our choice of words also helps shape first impressions.

  1. How Do I Communicate?
  2. Like, You Know, Okay?
  3. Conversing With a Celebrity
  4. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  5. Loosen Up a Little
  6. Relax Before You Speak
  7. Eliminating “I”
  8. Important Phone Calls
  9. Detailed Introductions
  10. Death of a Conversation
  11. Starting Conversations
  12. The Interview
  13. Communication Styles
  14. Happy Talk
  15. Filibusters
  16. Can’t End It
  17. Stop! End It Now
  18. A Double Hanging
  19. Mud Slinging
  20. Gossip Galore
  21. The Dangers of Gossip
  22. Effects of Gossip
  23. Impressive Vocabulary
  24. #$!%@ # Profanity!
  25. Dangerous Topics
  26. Warning Signals
  27. What Did You Say?
  28. Offensive Sounds
  29. Sick in Bed
  30. Not So Comforting
  31. Being Compassionate


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