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The Following Leaders Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 20 social skills activities (425 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

History shows that when people group together they want leadership (government) to help establish order and enforce laws. Individuals cannot pick and choose which rules and laws they will follow. They must obey the laws prescribed by the general will of the people. Each person in the group must cooperate by obeying rules and laws in order to maintain order and ensure everyone's rights and safety. Without leadership and government we would be living in an anarchical society of chaos. There would be nothing to limit the taking of someone's property if another desired it. Each person would be on his own to protect and defend whatever he believed to be his. Everyone would live in a state of fear. Dwellings would be fortresses rather than homes and weaponry would be a popular means of defense. A leader without followers has no power or influence. Followers are like the spokes in a bicycle wheel. All of the spokes support the wheel. If one spoke is broken the wheel moves on but if many spokes are broken the wheel collapses. To keep the cause live followers give support and work to get the job done. Leaders are important, but just good followers are equally important.

  1. Someone to Lead
  2. Keeping a Group Focused
  3. Blind Obedience
  4. Military Authority
  5. Being Too Obedient
  6. No Authority to Help
  7. Making Rules Yourself
  8. Laws for No Man’s Land
  9. Purpose of Laws
  10. How Do I Feel About Authority?
  11. Resisting Authority
  12. No One Is Perfect
  13. Everyone is Subject
  14. Skirting the Law
  15. Impeachable Behavior
  16. Obey, Esteem, Support and Sustain
  17. Rights and Privileges
  18. Privileges Are Not Rights
  19. Accepting “No”
  20. Reacting to Authority


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