The Leadership Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 25 social skills activities (383 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Some experts feel that leadership is inborn and others feel that leadership can be learned. Others feel it is a combination of the two. Everyone is born with leadership potential, but potential is an untapped resource that needs developing before it can become an actuality. Individuals can be trained to be good leaders. Steven R. Covey, author and lecturer, likens leadership to farming. Farmers cannot harvest a crop unless they prepare the ground, sow the seeds on time then water and cultivate the plants. If they sow the seeds too late in the season, they cannot cram and hurry growth along. Farmers have to prepare and work hard to have a successful crop. Becoming a good leader cannot be achieved overnight. It takes preparation. Personal improvement, listening, observing, and taking formal courses all contribute to leadership training. If the basic principles of good leadership are learned, all that is needed are opportunities to practice. Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and Napoleon are famous leaders in history. We associate their names with conquest and tyranny. Too often people think that being a leader means giving orders and wielding authority. Some think it is a rank. Leadership is much more and is demonstrated in many different ways.

  1. What Makes a Good Leader?
  2. Passing the Peace Pipe
  3. Keeping the Beat
  4. Leader Characteristics
  5. Leadership Pennants
  6. Leadership Words
  7. Campaigning
  8. The Perfect Parent
  9. Leader or Manager?
  10. Responsibilities of a “Big Cheese”
  11. The Worker
  12. What’s Needed Here?
  13. Power Tactics
  14. Follower Perceptions
  15. Follower Perceptions
  16. Misusing Authority
  17. Nurturing Your Followers
  18. Complimenting Your Followers
  19. Being a Kind Leader
  20. Flattery or Praise?
  21. Hanging the Hypocrite
  22. Trust and Honesty
  23. Being Fair and Impartial
  24. Speaking Well
  25. Listening to Yourself


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