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The Personal Responsibility Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 25 personal skills activities (515 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

According to the dictionary, responsibility is "the state of being legally or morally accountable for the discharge of a duty, trust or debt." Responsible people accept the consequences of their behaviors, even if the consequences are extremely undesirable. They meet their obligations, regardless of how inconvenient or oppressive. They can be trusted to act appropriately without supervision or guidance.

  1. Important Successes
  2. Visiting Experience
  3. Flat Broke and Successful
  4. Keys to Success
  5. Try or Give Up
  6. “It’s a Slip and Not a Fall.”
  7. Never Give Up
  8. Trying Again
  9. Excuses for Failure
  10. Challenging or Devastating
  11. The Buck Stops Here
  12. Full Responsibility
  13. Excusing Behavior
  14. The Devil Made Me Do It
  15. Irresponsible Acts
  16. Understanding Each Other
  17. Aging Parents Ignored
  18. Worthy Parents
  19. The Follow Through
  20. Keeping Your Word
  21. I Can’t Get the Job Done
  22. Dodging a Problem
  23. Facing the Truth
  24. Borrowing From a Friend
  25. The Decent Thing to Do


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