The Persuasion Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 24 social skills activities (440 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Persuasion helps you get what you want. It is the ability to move someone to adopt a new attitude, belief or action. Persuasion is achieved through manipulative techniques that focus attention on what will motivate the targeted person into doing what is desired. Some of these mediums of manipulation are propaganda, indoctrination, morale, argument, motivation, temptation, requests, exhortation, and charm. Your ability to learn to use persuasion and resist it is directly related to your success in life. Think about how much persuasion you have used today. Did you try to persuade your children to hurry and get ready to go to school? Did you try to persuade members of your family what breakfast food they should eat? If you are a single person living at home, did you try to persuade your parents to give their permission? How successful were you in persuading each of these individuals?

  1. What’s Persuasion?
  2. Make Me Do It
  3. Persuasion Techniques
  4. Ethical Advertising
  5. Make Me Laugh
  6. Why I’m Great
  7. What Works for Me
  8. Persuading Personalities
  9. Honey or Vinegar?
  10. The Job Interview
  11. You’re Wrong
  12. Saving Face
  13. Friendly Persuasion
  14. Gentle Persuasion
  15. Yes-Yes Persuasion Techniques
  16. Keep Them Saying “Yes”
  17. Bargaining Commitments
  18. Threats and Intimidation
  19. You’re Chicken
  20. Slick Salespeople
  21. Hazing and Harassment
  22. Temporary or Permanent Change?
  23. Changing Attitudes
  24. When Persuasion Fails


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