Self Concept

The Self Concept Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 44 personal skills activities (980 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Self-worth and self-esteem are often confused. Self-worth is the sense of one's own importance, or worth, as a human being. This can be described as the spiritual self or inner self. Individuals who believe they have worth feel they are unique, They matter and make a difference in the world, just as everyone else does, because they have a purpose in being. They feel deserving of respect regardless of their circumstances. Individuals who have a strong sense of self-worth understand that their worth as a human being is not based on external criteria. They believe they their lives are worthwhile no matter what happens or what anyone says about them. They may feel disappointed when things go wrong but their self-worth stays in tact. They take failure in stride and learn from their mistakes. Self-respect is based on a sense of self-worth. If an individual does anything that is disrespectful to others he/she can loose self-respect and then doubt his/her worth. However, self-respect can be regained by doing whatever it takes to put things right. By living in the world, everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Individuals who have a strong sense of self-worth allow themselves to be creative, do their best and make mistakes without doubting their abilities.

  1. Self Esteem Evaluation
  2. I Feel Good
  3. Nothing But The Truth
  4. Not Quite a Talent Show
  5. It’s a Talent Show!
  6. Magic Tricks
  7. A Thimble Full of Water Game
  8. A Gift to the World
  9. Kudos
  10. I’m the Greatest
  11. It’s a Wonderful Life
  12. These Are My Fears
  13. Overcoming Fears
  14. I Frighten Myself When…
  15. Self Evaluation
  16. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
  17. Tests of Strength
  18. “I Wish,” “If Only”
  19. High Esteem
  20. A Great Day
  21. A Positive Attitude
  22. A Source of Negative Behavior
  23. No Esteem Here
  24. Lack of Esteem
  25. What Is The Trait?
  26. Ransom Notes
  27. A Reminder In My Wallet
  28. Exchanging Compliments
  29. You Idiot!
  30. Self Evaluation Quiz
  31. Trains and Planes
  32. Be Confident and Not Stupid
  33. Celebrity Impersonations
  34. Panel of Advisors
  35. Overcoming Weaknesses
  36. Conquering Weaknesses
  37. I Would Like To, But…
  38. I’m Average
  39. Masks
  40. More Masks
  41. Vanity
  42. Do I Have “The Look?”
  43. What’s Anorexia Nervosa?
  44. What’s Bulimia?


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