Serving Others

The Serving Others Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 17 social skills activities (305 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

A graduating high school senior endured terminal cancer for many months. He could not attend graduation ceremonies to receive his diploma so his school arranged a small graduation ceremony for him in his hospital room complete with cap and gown. A few weeks later the young man died. His friends organized a car wash to raise money for his burial. Frequently there are stories like this in the news about people helping people. Throughout our lives we struggle to overcome our innate self-centeredness. Somewhere around our first birthday we begin to learn that the needs of others sometimes come before our own. Over time we learn to share our toys, wait our turn, be considerate, and do things for others. We understand that our purpose in life is more than just taking up space and looking out for ourselves. Each time we willingly give service we elevate ourselves to a higher plane of virtue and nobleness. The more service we give the more our hearts are softened so that we are able to empathize with others and more clearly see their needs.

  1. Simple Gestures
  2. Bringing Joy to Others
  3. Dangerous Excesses
  4. Why Serve Others?
  5. Giving Anonymously
  6. Cooperative Effort
  7. Acts of Service
  8. Community Service
  9. Service Preferences
  10. A Pure Heart
  11. Ulterior Motive
  12. After All I’ve Done For You
  13. Secret Deeds
  14. Sacrifice to Give
  15. Uninvolved
  16. Do I Need to Help?
  17. My Safety


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