The Sociability Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 25 social skills activities (540 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Sociability can be described as standards of conduct, code of behavior, appropriate behavior, getting along with others, social graces, civilities, customs, manners, and etiquette. It is behavior that is appropriate and accepted in general society. When we are sociable we are pleasant and we get along with those around us. We fit into society well because we understand and behave in accordance with what society deems appropriate.

  1. With Whom Do You Associate?
  2. Getting to Know You
  3. Being Nice
  4. Antisocial Behavior
  5. Sniffing Out Antisocial Behavior
  6. Why Does He Act That Way?
  7. Positive Actions
  8. Meeting for the First Time
  9. Bad Impressions
  10. Vital Impressions
  11. Best Foot Forward
  12. Wishing for a Hole to Drop Through
  13. Sized Up
  14. Prim and Proper
  15. Proper Public Behavior
  16. Wise or Foolish?
  17. How Gross!
  18. Crude and Rude
  19. Hug, Handshake, Bow
  20. Handshaking
  21. Etiquette Savvy
  22. Socially Acceptable Behaviors
  23. How Do I Act?
  24. Offensive Profanity
  25. Changing Viewpoints


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