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The Stress Management Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 46 personal skills activities (1079 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Stress! Everyone experiences it. There is no escape because it is a part of life. However, ninety percent of the stress we feel is created in our own minds. There is good and bad stress. Good stress, called eustress, is essential for optimum performance. It stimulates and makes us alert and provides the motivation and drive for us to meet life's challenges. For example, when taking a test in school, students may not do their best if they are too relaxed. Feeling a little stress makes them more alert. Their recall is improved and they do better. If good stress is managed, it is helpful and not a problem. However, there can be too much of a good thing. An excessive amount of eustress, as a result of too many challenges all at once, can cause distress. If students experience too much stress, called distress, their bodies become alarmed. They do poorly because they cannot concentrate and recall what they studied. As a result they feel anxious and panicky. Too much distress can create a stress overload and become unmanageable resulting in physical and mental problems.

  1. The Nightly News
  2. What is Stress?
  3. Am I Stressed-Out?
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Man-made Catastrophes
  6. The Most Stressful Things
  7. Causes of Stress
  8. Group Pressure
  9. That Stresses Me Out
  10. Effects of Stress
  11. Stress Overload
  12. Responses to Stress
  13. What Stresses Me Most
  14. Responding to Stress
  15. Who Copes With Stress?
  16. Your Worst Enemy
  17. Defense Mechanisms
  18. Warning Signs
  19. Variable-Length Stress
  20. Preparing For Big Changes
  21. Handling Major Upsets
  22. Massage Away Your Troubles
  23. 100 Suggestions
  24. Name a Tune
  25. Tension and Release
  26. Deep Breathing
  27. Meditation
  28. Visualization
  29. Memory Recall
  30. You’re Getting Heavy and Warm
  31. A Daily Dose of Stress
  32. Productive Stress
  33. Stressful Occupations
  34. Laugh Away Your Stress
  35. Unhealthy Coping Strategies
  36. Unhealthy Escape Mechanisms
  37. Stress Initiated Habits
  38. What is Depression?
  39. Are You Depressed?
  40. Feeling Suicidal
  41. Suicide Facts
  42. Suicide Triggers
  43. I’d Like to Know…
  44. Learning More About Suicide
  45. Handling Grief
  46. What If…


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