How to Create Customized Books

How to Create Customized Books

Did you know that associate-level subscribers to the website can create customized participant workbooks rather than using standard versions?

Associates may choose from more than 350 pages to build customized books. All the pages in our standard workbooks are available, plus hundreds more.

Many people start building their books with an assessment to identify someone’s temperament. There are five to choose from, such as the Insight Personality Instrument or the Insight Spectrum Survey.

Next, they add pages that meet the specific needs of their audience or presentation theme, such as managing stress, building relationships, enhancing communication, selling effectively, supervising employees, or teaching difficult learners.

Because the front and the back covers of the booklet may be customized as well, many associates choose to add a paragraph or two about themselves and their services on the back cover, and then create a unique title or subtitle for their specific presentation. If associates have developed content of their own that they would like published in the book, this can also be accommodated.

The clients of our associates love this personalized approach. When they see their company name or logo, and perhaps their mission statement or core values printed on a page, they immediately feel connected to the content and recognize the extra effort the associate spent creating a one-of-a-kind product.

Booklets retail for $0.50 per page and a book must have at least 20 pages. Also, at least 50 copies of the book must be ordered at a time. A complimentary set of Adult Discovery Cards will be inserted into each book if desired.

For more information on this service, please visit the Bookstore>Customized Book section of our website at

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