Insights on Discovering Someone’s Temperament

Insights on Discovering Someone’s Temperament is a 70-minute podcast that reveals the top seven secrets for identifying the primary color of anybody you know. The episode explains the difference between overt and covert ways of identifying someone’s temperament and reveals seven specific tools that you may use to figure out whether someone is primarily a Blue, a Gold, a Green, or an Orange. The seven insights are:

  1. Administering written assessments
  2. Playing with Discovery Cards
  3. Using online assessments
  4. Asking revealing questions
  5. Listening for keywords
  6. Observing personalized spaces
  7. Examining physical attire

Once you understand someone’s temperament, you’ll be able to solve some of the common relationship problems that pop up day after day. You’ll discover the secrets to what makes people tick. You’ll reveal the drives that motivate them to do what they do. You’ll learn which characteristics and attitudes they value most in life. You’ll learn how they prefer to communicate, how the prefer to learn, how they prefer to spend their leisure time, and what they need in their friendships and romantic relationships.

This episode is part of the Insights series produced by the Insight Learning Foundation and hosted by Nathan Bryce, the author of the Insight Personality System. Rick Lehtinen, an Insight author and long-time friend of the Foundation, is the co-host for this episode. To listen to this program now, click the play button below.


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