Insights on Values: The Blue Temperament

Insights on Values: The Blue Temperament is a 45-minute audio podcast that reveals the top 15 values of people who have a primary color of Blue. According to Nathan Bryce and Richard Lehtinen, the hosts of the Insights audio series, Blues:

  1. Advocate growth
  2. Appreciate uniqueness
  3. Cherish intimacy
  4. Collect relationships
  5. Desire comfort
  6. Enjoy communication
  7. Join causes
  8. Need harmony
  9. Provide empathy
  10. Pursue meaning
  11. Respect integrity
  12. Show kindness
  13. Treasure acceptance
  14. Trust feelings
  15. Want romance

Blues account for approximately 10 percent of the general population. They dream about peace, love, affection, and authenticity. They place high value on compassion, sympathy, and rapport. They respect nurturing, empathy, and the sharing of feelings, and highly regard meaning, significance, and identity. They promote growth and development in others and can be relied on to take care of people’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Understanding what people value is incredibly useful because you’ll know the set of attitudes and attributes they prize and strive to achieve throughout their lives. And as people live up to their values, they experience joy and happiness. And if they can’t, don’t, or won’t, they tend to experience misery and sorrow. Therefore one of the most important things we can learn in life is to understand and respect what people value.

So if you want to understand Blues better, please download and listen to this audio program. It is presented free-of-charge as a public service of the Insight Learning Foundation, a non-profit educational organization.


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