The Listening Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 28 cognitive skills activities (538 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

We listen for many different reasons. We listen for enjoyment and relaxation. We listen with empathy to give support and to gain an understanding of the other person's feelings. We listen to gather information. We listen with a discriminating ear to understand, evaluate, and discern truth. Activity Titles

  1. Testing Your Hearing
  2. What’s a Decibel?
  3. How Well Do You Listen?
  4. Riddle Me This
  5. Why Should I Listen?
  6. Listening at Work
  7. My Place in the Family
  8. A Listening Trip
  9. What Am I Hearing?
  10. Panning for Gold
  11. What Does That Mean?
  12. Movie Preview Voice
  13. Interpreting the Message
  14. Slanted Viewpoints
  15. The Power of Talk Radio
  16. How Are You?
  17. Too Much Effort
  18. Listening Attitudes and Behaviors
  19. A Tolerant Ear
  20. Reflective Listening
  21. Talk Less, Listen More
  22. Eliminating Distractions
  23. Evaluating Eye Contact
  24. Poor Eye Contact
  25. Just the Facts, Ma’am
  26. Forming a Response
  27. Responding Wisely
  28. Experiment in Listening


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