The Perception Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 16 cognitive skills activities (268 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Perception is your ability to perceive your environment, to pick up clues and minutiae, including the emotions of others. It is also your native intelligence and wit and how fast you are on the uptake. Poor perception means you are oblivious to your surroundings; you are like an absent-minded professor constantly bumping into things and missing details. Average perception assumes you are capable of noticing fairly obvious details such as expressions, things lying around in plain sight, partially closed drawers, badly fitted secret doors. Good perception means you notice little things such as something odd about an expression or a glance passing between people, faint marks, hurriedly hidden objects, and unskillfully design secret doors or compartments. Great perception assumes you are aware enough to notice all but the smallest details such as a smudge, a place where a well-hidden secret door probably ought to be, or a change in expression that would escape most people. Excellent perception means that almost nothing escapes your eye such as faint scratches, fingerprints, the smallest change in expressions, places where even the most skillfully hidden objects or hiding place might be. Extraordinary perception means nothing evades your eagle eye. Activity Titles

  1. Seeing Things Differently
  2. Different Perspectives
  3. Individual Perspectives
  4. Individual Points of View
  5. Perception Influenced by Attitude
  6. Attitude Affects Perception
  7. Perception Influenced by Attitude
  8. Perception and Objectivity
  9. Perception and Emotions
  10. Observation Affects Perceptions
  11. Perception Influenced by Observation
  12. Perception and Close Observation
  13. Perception Influenced by Culture
  14. Cultural Points of View
  15. Perception Influenced by Experience
  16. New Perspectives


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