The Remembering Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 30 cognitive skills activities (535 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Memory is the stepping-stone to thinking, because without remembering facts, you cannot think, conceptualize, reason, make decisions, create or contribute. There is no learning without memory. This section will enable you to remember anything you want to remember in less time than it takes you now. It will discuss some valuable principles that are vital to improving your ability to remember. Activity Titles

  1. Why Have a Good Memory?
  2. Causes of Poor Memory
  3. What Causes Poor Memory?
  4. Why Memory is Poor
  5. Hobbies Enhance Memory
  6. Hobbies That Enhance Memory
  7. Activities That Enhance Memory
  8. Concentration Enhances Memory
  9. Not Listening
  10. Not Concentrating
  11. Remembering by Association
  12. Using the Five Senses
  13. Organizing Material
  14. Organize to Remember
  15. Get Organized
  16. Remembering the Sequence
  17. Sequence of Events
  18. Categorize
  19. Organize and Categorize
  20. Mental Mapping
  21. Remembering Numbers
  22. Exaggeration and Absurdity
  23. Ridiculous and Absurd
  24. Using Acronyms
  25. Baroque Music and Memory
  26. Quiet Reflection
  27. Memory Cement
  28. Practice Makes Perfect
  29. Repetition Makes It Easier
  30. Write It Down


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