Student Dilemmas

The Student Dilemmas Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 51 cognitive skills activities (765 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

This document will help participants understand how to solve some of the dilemmas they may face as students. Activity Titles

  1. Your Teacher is Moving
  2. Teacher’s Pet
  3. Potential
  4. Underachieving
  5. Your Teacher Hates You
  6. Embarrassed Beyond Belief
  7. Too Much Homework in One Class
  8. Your Dog Ate Your Homework
  9. Negligent Teacher
  10. Infatuated With the Teacher
  11. The Teacher Is Too Personal
  12. The Problem with Friends
  13. You Hate Your Name
  14. Being Average
  15. Being Tutored
  16. Being Separated From Friends
  17. Not Much Money
  18. Shunned by Friends
  19. A Friend Goes Wayward
  20. Can’t Get a Girlfriend
  21. Keeping Up an Image
  22. Teased About Not Having a Girlfriend
  23. Teased in the Locker Room
  24. Teased About Being in Orchestra
  25. Breaking Up
  26. Breaking with the Wrong Crowd
  27. Cheating
  28. Could I Copy Off of Your Paper?
  29. Accused of Cheating on a Test
  30. Caught Cheating on a Test
  31. Seeing Others Cheat
  32. Plagiarizing
  33. Why Have Grades?
  34. Graded Unfairly
  35. Being in Special Ed
  36. Accelerated Classes
  37. The Test Was Too Hard
  38. Pressured To Do What You’d Rather Not
  39. Pressured by Your Peers
  40. Living in Your Brother’s Shadow
  41. Not Athletic
  42. Competitive Girl
  43. Emphasis on Sports
  44. Parents Getting a Divorce
  45. High Expectations of Parents
  46. Giving Oral Reports
  47. Test Nervousness
  48. Memory Blackout at Test Time
  49. Embarrassing Good Grades
  50. Required Subjects
  51. Mother Volunteers Too Much at School


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