The Studying Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 34 cognitive skills activities (766 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Knowing how to study is a fundamental skill that will dramatically increase your effectiveness as a student. The activities in this document will explore some of the principles that will increase your skill in this area, such as building study habits, avoiding the ten traps of studying, building effective study habits, avoiding procrastination, and concentrating. Activity Titles

  1. How Do I Learn?
  2. Classroom Styles
  3. Teacher Attitudes
  4. Teaching Strategies
  5. Teaching Strategy Quiz
  6. My Favorite Subjects
  7. Blessing or Curse?
  8. Problem Areas
  9. Rewards
  10. Available Study Times
  11. Smarter Study
  12. Homework Killers
  13. Get Organized
  14. Note Taking Styles
  15. Types of “Shorthand”
  16. Making It Brief
  17. Making It More Brief
  18. Innovative Notes
  19. Memory Maps
  20. Highlighting
  21. Computer Nerds
  22. What’s Important
  23. Reading for Raisins
  24. Being a Critic
  25. Surviving the Classics
  26. Two Heads May Be Better Than One
  27. Motivation to Study
  28. 5 W’s and How
  29. Technical Material
  30. Bad Reading Habits
  31. Watch Your Speed
  32. Speedier Reading
  33. Reading WPM
  34. Scanning the Page


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