Effective Sellers

The Effective Sellers Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 19 employment skills activities (465 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

The sales profession is an important part of the free enterprise system that supports our nation's economy. It can be a satisfying and financially rewarding occupation that offers unlimited opportunity. Many salespeople are selling goods and service every day, seven days a week. Some salespeople are bad and some are good. If you are entering the sales profession or are already in sales, this section contains a few things you need to know to be an effective seller. Activity Titles

  1. The Right Sales Job for You
  2. Selling Styles
  3. Personality Style Motivation
  4. Clues
  5. Buying Styles
  6. Some Ways People Learn
  7. Adjust Your Selling Style
  8. Know the Product
  9. Believe in Your Product
  10. Read
  11. Be Green and Educate Yourself
  12. Go to School
  13. Know the Competition
  14. Smell Like a Rose
  15. Dress Well
  16. Put on Your Face
  17. Time Is Money
  18. Use Time Wisely
  19. You Win Some, You Lose Some


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