Handling Complaints

The Handling Complaints Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 21 employment skills activities (350 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

How businesses handle their customer complaints affects their reputation and profits. According to the United States Office of Consumer Affairs, a dissatisfied customer will tell at least nine other people about his or her bad experience. Losing one customer may be a loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. A customer whose complaint is resolved satisfactorily will recommend the business to an average of 15 other people. It pays to satisfy customers. Activity Titles

  1. Customer Wants and Don’t Wants
  2. Blaming Others
  3. Listen Intently
  4. Don’t Interrupt
  5. Ask, Then Listen
  6. Telling the Customer Too Much
  7. Irritating or Calming?
  8. Spoiling for a Fight
  9. Don’t Accuse the Customer
  10. May I Help You?
  11. Words to Avoid
  12. Okay?
  13. Empathize, Calm, Make Restitution
  14. Give the Customer a Choice
  15. Escalation
  16. Upset Customers
  17. Abusive Customers
  18. Dress Rehearsal
  19. Stay Emotionally Detached
  20. Non-Complainers
  21. When to Refuse Service


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