Job Hunting

The Job Hunting Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 26 employment skills activities (490 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Many people go about job hunting as if they were looking for the worst job stead of the best job. They don't prepare themselves, they don't know where to look for work, and they sloppily fill out job applications. They fail to understand that finding a satisfying position with opportunity, benefits and a future is a full-time job in itself. If finding a good job is left up to luck, chances of finding one are pretty slim. No one wants to "beat the bushes" and "pound the streets" looking for work for very long. It is helpful to understand effective and ineffective job hunting methods to minimize the time it takes to find employment. Activity Titles

  1. Finding Gold and Striking it Rich
  2. Best Job or Worst Job
  3. Job Hunting: A Full-Time Job
  4. Why So Much Fuss?
  5. Effective and Ineffective Job Hunting
  6. The Largest Job Market
  7. The Job Market of the Future
  8. Being Self-Employed
  9. Owning Your Own Business
  10. Flextime
  11. What Is a Network?
  12. Networking Skills
  13. Talking to a Contact
  14. Contacting a Referral in Person
  15. Leaving a Good Impression
  16. Contacting a Referral by Phone
  17. Who Does the Hiring?
  18. Reviewing the Facts
  19. A Networking Club
  20. Reading the Help Wanted Ads
  21. Help Wanted Ads
  22. No Stone Unturned
  23. Uncommon Sources of Information
  24. Corporate Personality Styles
  25. Do Your Homework
  26. Gain an Edge


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