Job Retention

The Job Retention Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 30 employment skills activities (585 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

There are jobs and there are careers. A job should be a rung on the ladder to a specific career instead of just a way to earn subsistence. Working toward a career gives you a positive, hopeful outlook. It is like a carrot dangling in front of a donkey to keep him going-he keeps running to catch the carrot and hopes to eventually get it. Your carrot is the hope of having established a career by the time you reach the top of the ladder. You do many different jobs on the way up, each one increasing in skill and responsibility. Activity Titles

  1. A Career Attitude
  2. Shouting Attitude
  3. A Winning Attitude
  4. It’s No Dream Job
  5. Making the Best of Things
  6. Self-Motivation
  7. What Motivates You?
  8. Burned Out
  9. Great Expectations
  10. Wearing the Company’s Shoes
  11. Ideal Employee Qualities
  12. A Job Well Done
  13. Standards of Excellence
  14. Adjusting to the New Environment
  15. Start With Humility
  16. Unwritten Rules
  17. Trying Too Hard
  18. An Honest Day’s Work
  19. Working Overtime
  20. Getting Organized
  21. Good Work Habits
  22. Remembering to Follow Up
  23. Taking Messages
  24. Contributing to the Meeting
  25. Pros and Cons
  26. Increase Your Worth
  27. Unsafe Conditions
  28. Your Worth
  29. Asking for a Raise in Pay
  30. Are You Worth a Raise in Pay?


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