The Management Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 31 employment skills activities (675 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

The position of Manager can be divided into two parts: Leadership and the mechanics of getting the job done. Leadership skills shape the behavior and attitudes of the workers. Building team spirit, creating enthusiasm, sharing vision for the future, and developing camaraderie are all leadership skills necessary for building morale and excitement within a group. The mechanics of getting the job done include organizing, planning, providing, coordinating, distributing materials, training, making assignments and meeting deadlines. Activity Titles

  1. A Position of Responsibility
  2. Too Marvelous for Words
  3. Noting Your Leadership Style
  4. Leadership Styles that Boomerang
  5. Important Criteria
  6. Organizing Things
  7. Concepts of Time
  8. Mismanaging Time
  9. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
  10. Bored to Tears
  11. Planning a Meeting
  12. Making an Agenda
  13. Other Points of View
  14. Friday Afternoon at 4:00
  15. Enjoyable Meetings
  16. Conducting a Meeting
  17. Skillfully Handling Conflict
  18. Reprimands
  19. Praise and Encouragement
  20. Here’s the Door
  21. Employee Gripes
  22. Hiring Retired Folks
  23. Motivators
  24. Motivating Employees
  25. Satisfy Personality Style Needs
  26. Voice Inflection
  27. Evidence of Job Dissatisfaction
  28. The Company Owes Me
  29. Alarming Facts
  30. Employee Theft
  31. Whistleblowers


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