The Self-Employment Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 47 employment skills activities (1205 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, an entrepreneur is "one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise." An entrepreneur also can be described as someone who is self-employed, creates his/her own earnings and opportunities in the form of a business, contract or freelance work. You've probably heard stories of someone starting a business and becoming filthy rich. These stories are exceptional cases, not the norm. Starting up a business and making it a success is hard work. It usually takes three to five years before a business reaches cruising speed. The business owner works like a dog before this happens. Not everyone is suited for self-employment. Some people are happy working for others. They don't have to worry about the responsibilities of business ownership and all that goes with it. They are perfectly satisfied to let someone else deal with the stress. Those who like being their own bosses prefer the freedom of working at their own pace and making their own decisions. They find risk exciting and challenging. What is your preference? Do you have the right stuff to be your own boss? Do you think it would be easy to work for yourself? Activity Titles

  1. Are You Orange Enough?
  2. Are You Gold and Green Enough?
  3. Dream Chasers
  4. Weigh the Good and the Bad
  5. Bad Breaks
  6. From the Horse’s Mouth
  7. Freedom or Bondage
  8. Motives for Going Into Business
  9. In the Right Business
  10. Get Rid of Self-Doubts
  11. Entrepreneurial Spirit
  12. Business Terms
  13. The Product’s Future
  14. Research and Prepare
  15. A Trip to the Library
  16. A Prototype
  17. Test the Water
  18. A Business Plan
  19. Pricing
  20. Deception Doesn’t Pay
  21. Recordkeeping
  22. Play It Safe
  23. Protected by Laws
  24. Find Capital
  25. Where to Find Money
  26. Setting Up Shop
  27. Make a Trade
  28. Money Grows on Trees
  29. Working Out of Your Home
  30. Incubators
  31. Expenses of Hiring
  32. Effective Personnel Management
  33. A Target Market
  34. Advertising is an Investment
  35. Create Publicity
  36. Promoting Your Business
  37. Global Marketing
  38. Personality Styles of Countries
  39. Repetition in Advertising
  40. Indirect Advertising
  41. Reach the Target Market
  42. Golden Arches to Golden Crowns
  43. Buying an Existing Business
  44. Failing Businesses
  45. Rescue a Sinking Business
  46. Taking Stock – Failures


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