Selling Strategies

The Selling Strategies Skills Facilitator Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions for teaching 51 employment skills activities (905 minutes) to groups of youth and adults.

Selling effectively is the art of persuasion and helping customers get what they want. Selling skills incorporate many techniques that must be practiced and experimented with until they become fined tuned. Below are some basic selling strategies for effective selling. * Get revved up. * Assume the customer will buy. * Never prejudge a customer. * Develop rapport with the customer. * Establish eye contact. * Listen to the customer and do less talking. * Develop a sales pitch. * Ask questions that require a "yes" answer. * Use credentials and testimonials. * Give good service. * Give free samples. * Prepare for customer objections. * Fearlessly close the sale. * Never annoy or embarrass the customer. * Observe the customer's body language. * Be careful of hand gestures. * Be persistent. * Use simple language. Activity Titles

  1. Establish Rapport
  2. Listening Techniques
  3. Show Empathy
  4. Accept Hospitality
  5. The Customer Is a Person
  6. Get Revved Up
  7. Put Your Heart Into It
  8. Confidence
  9. Making Appointments
  10. Rev Up The Customer
  11. Use the Five Senses
  12. The Customer’s Eyes
  13. Walking and Sitting
  14. Hand Gestures
  15. Good Eye Contact
  16. How Do You Sound?
  17. Mirroring Body Language
  18. Good Timing
  19. Be Perceptive
  20. Too Much Information
  21. Customer Wants and Needs
  22. Create a Desire
  23. Be a Good Neighbor
  24. Over Promising
  25. Why a Sales Script?
  26. A Sales Script Outline
  27. Opening Lines
  28. Use Metaphors
  29. Close the Sale
  30. The Power of a Good Joke
  31. Magical Words
  32. Rehearse Your Sales Pitch
  33. Visualize the Sale
  34. Customer Objections
  35. The Customer Objects
  36. The Real Objection
  37. Quickly Fix the Problem
  38. The-price-is-too-high Trap
  39. Accepting “No” for an Answer
  40. Objection Logs
  41. Empathize
  42. In the Face of Fear
  43. Hook the Customer
  44. Watch for Signs
  45. Know When to Fold
  46. Facial Expressions
  47. Assume the Customer Will Buy
  48. Recommend
  49. Review the Benefits
  50. Never Do
  51. Closing Too Early


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