Introducing Teacher Tuesdays: Free Group or Family Learning Activities

As a subscriber to Insights, we want to thank you for your continued interest in the products and services of the Insight Learning Foundation. In an effort to make this blog even more useful and meaningful, today we are pleased to introduce Teacher Tuesdays.

A couple of times each month, on Tuesdays, we will post a free learning activity which you can use to help others learn how to be more successful in life. You’ll find these activities at under the Learning Activities menu.

The content will be pulled from the Insight Skills Library, an online resource at for parents, coaches, teachers, and professional trainers. It features 1,828 original learning activities that will help you teach a variety of cognitive, employment, family, personal and social skills to youth and adults. In fact, these skills have been identified by government agencies, religious leaders, and business owners as being essential for surviving and thriving in our society.

You may use these learning activities in a variety of ways. For example:

  • If you’re a parent, you may use these activities to teach your children during a weekly family night meeting.
  • If you’re a home-schooler, you may use them to teach skills that will promote success in life.
  • If you’re a religious educator, such as a Sunday School teacher, you can use these to energize your weekly lessons.
  • If you work in a school with at-risk students you can use these to supplement your existing curricula.
  • If you work with criminal offenders, you can teach them the skills that promote positive social behaviors.

Each of these special Insights articles will feature a different activity and give you suggestions on how to use it to help those you work with become more successful in life. Because it will take more than 70 years to feature all of the activities from the Insight Skills Library, if you want to have immediate access to our entire library of resources, we invite you to become an Associate-level member at A month-to-month membership costs $17 per month or you can purchase a year-long membership for $150. You may purchase your membership by clicking on one of the following links:

Whether you use these activities with groups of people or are simply reviewing them for your own edification, we hope you enjoy this new feature of the Insights blog.