How to Complete the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum Course at Home

How to Complete the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum Course at Home

Did you know that you don’t have to attend a facilitator-led workshop to complete the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum (DYPS) course? This is one of the prime benefits of purchasing either a $50 member-level subscription or a $150 associate-level subscription to

The DYPS course introduces you to the essential concepts of temperament theory and personality styles as defined by the Insight Personality System.

  • First, you will use the Insight Spectrum Survey to identify your unique personality spectrum.
  • Then you will learn the basic values and strengths of each temperament. Next you will discover the history of quaternary personality research.
  • Finally, you will explore how this information can help you in your day-to-day relationships.

This foundational course is a prerequisite to all other Insight educational courses and materials.

The online DYPS course is nearly identical to the course taught by Insight facilitators at our live workshops. The only thing eliminated in the online presentation is the real-time interaction with the facilitator and other course participants as you work through a number of small group exercises and activities.

However, the content you will learn is exactly the same — you will see the same slides, hear the same lectures, and complete the same written assessments.

Plus, you get to hear the workshop the way it was designed to be delivered by the author of the course and, as a paid member or associate of the website, you have priority access to the author and may phone, instant message, or email him with your questions or concerns.

If you wish to receive a certificate of completion which indicates you have completed 8-hours of online coursework, which is really great if you need to earn continuing education credits (CEUs) to satisfy some of your professional development or in-service education requirements, please give us a toll-free call at 800-320-4788.

First, we will verify with our computer logs that you have completed all of the segments. Then, we will ask you to email us a1500-word essay describing the insights you received during the course. After we receive your essay, we will send you a certificate, signed by the author of the course.

Let Me Preview the Online DYPS Course
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